Summer Knitting Queue

About two weeks ago, I had a summer knitting queue all set to go. I was excited about the projects I had planned and couldn't’t wait to get started. Then, I actually started to try and get going, and well…reality set in.

Let’s review: the queue consisted of Synesthesia socks; One Skein Wonder; Nothing But a T-Shirt; Josephine Top; Sockapalooza socks TBD. Overall, a pretty realistic plan for summer knitting (Edit: Actually, it seems a bit much). Some stuff for me, stuff for family, stuff for strangers. In addition to that, I’m planning to knit some socks for my step-mom from the Cinnamon's Dye Pot yarn I received. The yarn just seemed to say “Kathy” to me.

Now, let’s see where things are at with these projects.
One Skein Wonder: Completed!
Nothing But a T-Shirt: Woo-hoo! It's going well!

Synesthesia Socks: on hiatus until new needle arrives
Sockapalooza Socks: just waiting for the Sockapalooza 5 Sign up!
Kathy’s Socks: Still in the imagination stage
Josephine Top: this is perhaps the most disappointing. I ordered this lovely yarn from KnitPicks and started on a gauge swatch…and then another gauge swatch…and then another gauge swatch. Only two are pictured here.

I just can’t seem to get gauge. I’m down to size three needles. Do I really knit that loosely? Tightly? Which is it if I have to go down in needle size? I think I may have to try a different yarn.

Also, after knitting all these gauge swatches I came to the most disappointing realization of all. I do not want to wear a top made out of this color. What was I thinking? Green? And let’s be honest…it is Mint Green. I don’t wear green. Come over and look in my closet. You will find lots of pink, yellow, white, blue, and black. No green. I think was trying to branch out or something.
So, this yarn is destined to be stashed (so much for trying to use up my stash) and someday will probably become a baby blanket. I've realized that the Josephine top will probably not happen this summer.

I've also added the Gloria cowl to the mix. I'm over half-way done with that. I pulled it off the needles last night to try on, and it is very floppy. I'm not sure if my chosen yarn was the best choice. Maybe once it is the desired length it will be better, otherwise I may need to do some rethinking on that project as well.


Oh that Gloria cowl will right all that's wrong in your world, I promise!!

BTW, I love The Jayhawks, too I just made my husband transfer their first album from vinyl to cd for me:)
Your NBaT is coming along nicely! I think we're at about the same point...and since as of Genuine's last update I'd gotten start and you hadn't had a chance to you...I'll obviously be the KALer bringing up the rear. Oh, well. :-) I think that means your summer knitting queue's got a much better chance than mine does!

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