Is This a Petting Zoo?

Over lunch, I headed out to the plaza in front of Northrup Auditorium to knit with a couple co-workers. There was a tent set up with food, cake, and music to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel.

Complete with camel.

He was just hanging out in his little pen, enjoying the weather.

I was able to complete the heel of my sock. Wow. I have tiny feet.

Here is what the front of the foot looks like.

I think the color in these photos is so interesting because the color of the socks is NOTHING like what you see here. I took these outdoors, under a tent. Contrast that with this picture taken indoors of the same yarn. Doesn't even look like the same yarn.

As you can tell (or maybe not), I am doing these toe-up and I did a short-row toe and a short-row heel. I think they are coming along nicely.


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