The 2nd of July

Jenn and Sara both made it to MN safe and sound! Jenn arrived very late Tuesday night, and then Wednesday morning we headed to the airport to get Sara. It was the first time Sara and Jenn had ridden the LRT. They were very excited.

We spent the day on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Of course, this meant we went to The Yarnery, where I talked Jenn in to buying some Yarni as "souvenir yarn". We also had lunch at Cafe Latte. The two of them were pretty much in heaven over that. A lovely summer day is not complete without ice cream, so we meandered on down to the Grand Ole Creamery. Mmmm.

Eventually we had to head back to my place and get ready to cross the river to the other half of the Twin Cities for dinner at Spoonriver, where I saw Osmo Vanska, the conductor of the Minnesota Orchestra. Local celeb!

I have no photos of the fun we had because I still haven't gotten a camera, although I think I may be doing that tomorrow.

Have a Happy Fourth of July!


jenn said…
We did have a FABULOUS time!!! We ate well, and enjoyed the company...


five dollar.

five dollar footlongs.
The Yarnery, how I love thee...did you buy any Casbah sock yarn there? they have sort of an impressive amount as I recall.

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