My mom and I went to the Minnesota Twins Stitch-n-Pitch Sunday afternoon.

She stitched...And I kept track of pitches.
When it came right down to it, I wanted to watch the game and fill out my scorecard. Scott Baker pitched 5 perfect innings for the Twins...and 3 more nearly perfect ones. He only gave up two of which happened to be a homerun. It's too bad the Twins offense wasn't able to back him up and score some runs so Baker could get a win. Sigh.

For people who aren't up on their baseball lingo, "perfect" means he gave up no hits. He retired those Ranger batters in "1,2,3" fashion! Here's a close-up of the plays.

You can see in the 6th and 7th innings where he stumbled a bit.

In other news, there was a proposal at the top of the 5th.

I did knit a little on my Gloria Cowl before the game started, but I don't have any pictures to show.

After the game, I headed to my mom's where there was a big family gathering, with 13 of my nieces and nephews present. They all swam around in this:

Gross, huh? I'm sure at the beginning of the day it was much cleaner.


Anonymous said…
Were those kids swimming in a pool of coffee?
Anonymous said…
It actually was cleaner much earlier. It seems some little girls decided to make some mud puddles by the slide and pool and then clean off in the pool. Oh well kids will be kids.


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