Slow But Steady Progress

Here is the latest progress on the Nothing But a T-Shirt. I whip-stitched the collar down last night while watching the beginning of the All-Star Game. As I told D, I hate the sewing up of a sweater so much, that I can pretty much do one seam at a time and then I'm done for the night.

Stitching the collar down helped a lot with the "fangs", but I read about another solution yesterday that I am sharing here for The Lumpy Sweater and Sarah Winchester of Fiber Arts. I read about this on fathom harvill, although I can no longer locate the exact post.

She is so clever...know what she did? She picked up the stitches for the collar in the MAIN color. This way, any "choppiness" of picked up stitches was not visible since it matched! Then, she switched to the contrasting color with the next row. Smart, Smart, Smart.

So, I watched enough of the All-Star Game to see each of the Twins play a bit...Mauer, Nathan, and Morneau. The game went to 15 innings and I was long asleep by then, but I was happy to see that the American League won.

This morning in the paper, someone wrote in to Dear Abby asking if she thought knitting, crocheting, or piecing a quilt during a meeting or other gathering was rude. Abby (who isn't really Abby...she's Abby's daughter) thinks it us rude, as your full attention should be on the meeting or gathering, and she expects to hear from many people who will say they can multi-task. She has no idea.

There is already a Raverly discussion thread about it. Personally, I think it depends on the situation. I do a lot of public speaking, and when I see someone knitting I don't mind. But I would never knit during a meeting or something where I needed to be actively engaged. It just doesn't work for me. If I were leading a meeting, and people needed to be actively engaged, I would expect that they would not be knitting, doodling, texting, or anything else for that matter. Maybe they can multi-task very well, but I would still appreciate if their full attention was on the matter at hand, not in their hands.

All right...enough of my opinion. Except to say, I see social gatherings differently. I think that's okay. For the most part, I can stay engaged in a social situation while knitting, and if I can't, I put the knitting away.

The real test for me will the the Stitch-n-Pitch Sunday. I love watching baseball, and I know I won't be able to knit and pay attention to the game. What will I do?!?!?


Gigi said…
it is looking so great and cute. I can't wait to wear it!!!!
Anonymous said…
That's brilliant (the picking up in main color and shifting to contrasting color)! Thanks for sharing the tip! I've recently learned the answer to my question, which was why couldn't I just leave all the stitches live to pick up. It turns out that the binding off helps to stabilize the collar to keep it from stretching out. However, according to my LYSO (who passed that info to me), the process of stitching down the collar at the end should compensate.

I'm one of those people who a) can multitask in weird ways--I can type one thing and talk about another simultaneously and b) feels a need to have something to do with my hands when I'm just sitting around. I hate not having anything to do; I just feel as though I'm being lazy and should be doing something. I'm not sure if it's something in my DNA or my training in the Navy that makes me feel like I need to accomplish as many things as possible at the same time, but there it is. :-)

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