And Now...Some Knitting Content

Last night I started on the collar of the "Nothing But a T-Shirt". I was pretty nervous about this, as it requires picking up stitches, which always makes me nervous. The pattern specifically says to pick them up as neatly as possible for a seamless look.

Okay. Took a deep breath and got started. Here's the progress so far.

I'm not sure of you can tell from this photo...but it looks pretty good all around except for two little "fangs" (that's what I think they look like) hanging down.

Here's a close-up of one.

What happened there? I know exactly what happened there. That is where the collar switches from being bound off stitches (the sides of the shoulders) to the stitches I left live (my brilliant plan) around the collar. Yeah, it seemed brilliant at the time, but now my sweater has fangs.

There was a large gap between bound-off and live stitches, and this is what happened. Argh. I'm so frustrated because it looks bad. I really, really don't want to pull it out and start all over because I did such a nice job everywhere else and I'm scared when I re-do it, I'll get rid of the fangs but the rest of it will look icky.

The fangs are on the back too.

I played around with it a little this morning and I think I may be able to do some finagling and get it to look okay. We'll see. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.


Anonymous said…
Could you use the main color and so a sort of half duplicate stitch over the white fangs?
Genuine said…
Now I feel like shat because you left stitches live because you thought that I did, but then I decided against it. However, I actually thinks it looks fine and the idea of a duplicate stitch could very well work. I'm working on reknitting the second sleeve.
jenn said…
I think the fangs look kinda cool. It makes it look real. I am almost done with the back of my tunic. I will post a picture to ravelry when I finish the back...
Honestly, I didn't notice until you pointed it out. :-) But I've learned the hard way that what's important isn't always whether someone else can see it, but whether you know it's there. So do what makes you happiest.

We're actually going to have an interesting situation with this t-shirt. Genuine opted not to leave any stitches live, you left some stitches live, and I decided as I finished up the back last night to leave all the neckline stitches live. So I guess we'll see how all of those options look!

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