A Loss, a Championship, and Some Zipper Issues

Well, I lost in the first round of the 4th Annual Twin Cities Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament (a fun shindig hosted by some friends). I got psyched out by someone whose competitive name was "Versace". Despite my cool name, "The Scissors Sister", and my cool "I (heart) Scissors" t-shirt, I lost. Oh well. Maybe next year.

It was still a fun event. Here is the bracket...you can see my loss in the first round recorded for all time.

Had I won, I would have gotten this cool trophy.

Sunday seemed to go much better, seeing the Giants win the Superbowl! Crazy! Although I thought the game was sort of dull until the last two minutes, my friend Amber, who LOVES football and KNOWS football, thought it was very exciting. She's a defense kind of gal, and there was a lot of good defense in that game.

I wish I could say that I completed the Ribby Cardi, but this is as far as I got.

No zipper yet. I actually bought a zipper on Saturday, and here you can see the first stages of its installation.

Yes, I painstakingly whip-stitched that thing on while listening to most of "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me: The NPR News Quiz". Then I got started on the second half, when I realized..."wait wait, don't tell me...this thing won't open at the bottom".

Yeah. Apparently, I didn't feel it was important to follow the instructions to get a TWO-WAY Zipper.

I was supisingly nonchalant about this discovery, despite the time I'd spent on it. It's just as well. I really should block it before I put the zipper in anyway. I was just so excited to get it done and hopefully wear it to the SuperBowl party, I didn't pay attention. So, it'll be a few more days before you see the finished product.

Here's a little preview though of how it looks!

Blogger is refusing to spell-check my entry, so I apologize for any spelling errors I missed!


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