A Completed Baby Gift

Well, I did it. Over the weekend I finished up the Elephant pacifier clip, and made an adjustment to the Frog pacifier clip.

Here is Elephant:

Isn't he cute? I found some nice tutorials on crocheting a circle on Youtube, and once I had the hang of it, I understood the instructions in the book just fine. The instructions also call for embroidering a mouth on the elephant, but I left that off.

Here is the clip and hat together. How cute is this?! I love it!

And here is the Frog clip and hat together. I took off the butterfly and added a leaf instead, which I really like. I'm very excited to deliver these to the intended recipient.

Here is the whole package!

I also did some work on the Petroleum Blanket. In case someone doesn't remember, I call it that since it is made of acrylic, which is made of petroleum. That's my dorky sense of humor, I guess. It really feels like the never ending blanket to me at this point.

The rest of my weekend was just lovely. Gretchen and Nathan came over on Sunday to play. I helped a friend get started on a little knitted hat. Oh, and somewhere on Sunday I lost an hour. Sigh.

Zoey was all over me this morning. She kept reaching up her paws on my legs. Finally I squatted down to pet her and she jumped right on to my lap. I felt terrible leaving her this morning.


castingaway said…
The gifts are so sweet! And I love the Zoey story, of course. I think she really has become your cat!

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