I have sad news about Zoey the Cat, my furry companion from December until May. Sadly, she passed away over the weekend. She had gone back to live with Matt and Gretchen before I went to Denver, and this past week she got very sick. She was 16 years old and had a good life, but it was still a surprise.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures I took of her from when she stayed with me, with a little bit about what I know of her life. Sure, we had our differences, but she was a sweet cat.

Zoey was my sister's husband's cat. He brought her home when he was in college, or maybe grad school. I'm not sure which. Regardless, when my sister and I lived in Madison, she met Matt, and also Zoey. Zoey was always a little standoffish during that time. She mostly hid under the bed when I was around.

Zoey didn't really like other cats. When they lived in Indiana, Matt and Gretchen tried to adopt a stray cat they had found. That didn't work. Zoey spent most of those few days on top of the kitchen cabinets.

I was lucky enough to go to Hawaii a few years ago with Matt and Gretchen. They worried so much about Zoey! I thought that was crazy! Come on! She was a cat!

When they moved back to Minnesota, they needed a place for Zoey to stay while they looked for a house. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed.

I loved having Zoey with me. The cat hair I could do without, but Zoey was great. I got used to coming home and having her waiting by the door for me. I loved how when I walked towards the couch, she would ZOOM over there from wherever she had been to sit on my lap. She warmed up to me very quickly and spent lots of time curled up with me, pawing my knitting, nipping at the needles, purring all the while.

I also started to understand how Matt and Gretchen felt when they left Zoey for a week to go to Hawaii. I worried about Zoey when I wasn't around. Was I leaving her alone too much? Did she miss me?

I especially liked when I had a bad cold about a month and a half ago. I went to take a nap and Zoey curled up along my side and napped right along with me. I don't know if she could sense I felt crummy, but it felt nice to have her there.

I'll miss Zoey a lot. A couple weeks ago I spent the day with the little guy, and while he napped, Zoey came out of hiding and sat on my lap while I knit. Just like old times.

(Edited to correct that Zoey was 16 years old, not 14.)


So sorry to hear about your loss!
Anonymous said…
She sure looked like a good meow with a good meow life. Nice to have enjoyed some recent snuggling time with her.

jenn said…
I am sorry for your loss...she seemed like a cuddly friend...
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Zoey looked like she was quite a character.
D said…
Zoey the cat.
Beloved pet.
Cherished houseguest.
Empty boxes seem more empty without you around.

We’ll miss you.
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry to hear about Zoey. I'm glad that she got to spend those months with you. I'm sure you both learned a lot from each other and I was glad to see the posts about her (you can never have too many cat posts). My heart goes out to your sister and her husband, too.

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