The Last of the UFOs

Only one more UFO! I guess that's pretty good...that I only have 5 UFOs. The last one is the Wee Willie Whistle Sweater from Miss Bea's Band by Louisa Harding. I am making it out of Lion Brand Cottonease. I knit another one exactly like it a few years ago...actually, this was the first attempt. This was the back and it was too big, so I started over. I had plenty of yarn, so I figured I'd keep this back and make another one. If I were to finish it now, I would probably give it to my nephew, Nathan.

Now, you all get to vote! Which UFO should I finish first? I am going to make a survey that will be over on the side and you can vote there. Hopefully I won't be too demoralized when only two or three people vote.

To re-cap the UFOs (you can click on the name and it will take you to the post with the picture).

2) Mitten (I would need to complete this mitten and knit the second)

4) Pillow, perhaps? (this is the intarsia square)

5) Wee Willie Whistle Sweater (see above)


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