A Yarn Field Trip

About every other week, I meet with a group of women from work for lunch, chit-chat, and crafty goodness. This week, we decided to take a little field trip to a new yarn store in Northeast Minneapolis, Bella Lana. It means "beautiful wool", and there certainly was a lot of that!

Holly, Cathy, and I headed outside into a blustery wind. By the time we got to the yarn shop, only five minutes later, we were seeing our first flakes of snow! How exciting! Of course, nothing stayed on the ground, but it was lovely.

Bella Lana is a beautiful shop. The shelves and interior are all white, which shows off the yarn wonderfully. The lighting was amazing. Check out the ceiling! It was covered with paper lanterns.

When we came in, we were greeted by Enzo, the shop-dog. He's an Italian Greyhound. Friendly little guy...he seemed a little cold. I love a yarn shop with a dog running around.

Of course there was a lot of beautiful yarn. This was my favorite: Jill Eaton Lamberino. I didn't buy anything today, but I hope to go back soon!

Here is a picture of Holly's fingerless gloves. Holly is an amazing knitter. She had not knit in about 20 years. She came to our lunch group one day and I gave her a refresher in knitting and purling. Just a few weeks later, she shows up wearing a sweater she knit! And she's knit several more since then!
It was a wonderful way to spend my lunch break!


Sophie said…
rswhat a beautiful store. does your knitting group have a name?
Ms. P said…
Love the LYS! I enjoy a shop that lets the yarn be the focus of attention. I'll have to look into it soon.

p.s. Your friend's Fetching gloves turned out well!

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