The UFOs are landing!

Here is another UFO I pulled out of the closet over the weekend. It is the "Sweater with Cable Patterns" (how's that for a descriptive name?) from Rebecca no. 28. It's made out of GGH Savanna in Maize Yellow.

Oh, what will become of this sweater? I just don't know. That's the back and sleeves you see there. I've actually thought of ripping it all out and starting over, or using the yarn for something else. What don't I like about it?

1) It's a turtleneck...made of scratchy yarn. What was I thinking? I barely like turtlenecks, much less turtlenecks made of scratchy yarn. I do not like the scratchy against my skin.

2) The sleeves....eck. I don't like them. They seem short...and wide.

3) Ummm...I don't really want a cable pattern on my back. This seems silly to me.

4) I just don't know that it's going to fit me. I made it with the medium size, and looking back over the bust ain't going to work.

So, what to do? I did find a website of someone who knit the sweater. She altered the sleeves and didn't do the cable pattern on the back. So, I could rip it out, start over, make the neck shorter, do some adjusting. It would be some good knitterly experience. I do love the color of the yarn, and I think it's a very pretty sweater. I like cables, so this is a good project for me.

I may ask Holly here at work to help me out with my adjustments. She's good at that sort of thing. I'll keep you all posted.


Anonymous said…
If you want to adjust, I'd love to assist (you could easily do a crew or v-neck instead of a t-neck or increase width, etc, BUT,
if you don't like scratchy against your neck (who does???), and you don't like the wide, short sleeves, and you don't like the cables on the back (doesn't sound like you can make the back into the front, since the bust measurement is already too small), why not frog the whole thing, and start over with a new pattern, which you may not need to adjust? Perhaps a cardigan, where none of it will ever touch your skin. I've pulled out so much of my own work, I would gladly help you unravel yours!

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