A Vacation...with Co-Workers

I'll be at a conference the rest of this week, so no posts for a few days. Where am I going? Florida? New York? Boston? No, Iowa. I have nothing against Iowa...it is a lovely state. But since it's only the next state down, I can't get too excited about visiting.

I'll leave you with a picture of a cute knitted item.

Pattern: Cherry-O! Hat from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan Anderson

Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Merino 5, 100% Superwash Wool in colors 5220, 0204, and 5212...otherwise known as red, white, and green

For: Lilla...a cute little girl born to a co-worker in October

I hope to get a lot of knitting done on the Thinking Dress on the way down and back. I should have some progress to post about soon!

In other knitting news, the Sock Savior socks are on their way. I put them in the mail today! I hope she likes them!


josie said…
what a great hat!

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