A Perfect Weekend

My weekend was just about as good as they come. I did some knitting, watched some football, enjoyed some unseasonably good weather, and played video games! I have varied interests!

I also photographed my entire stash and all my UFOs (unfinished objects) in preparation for my Ravelry invite! I think there are only 3,000-some people ahead of me, and I want to be ready when that invite comes.

Here is one of the UFOs I came across. These are actually mittens that my sister, Gretchen, started. Gretchen actually taught me to knit, and she will be the first to admit that I have far surpassed her in knitting skill. I'm not sure if this mitten has a pair or not. G made me a scarf of this yarn, and these were to be the mittens. So, let me know G...do I need to knit a thumb and an entire mitten, or just this lonely thumb?

I'll post more UFOs soon, and perhaps you all can vote on what I should finish first!

I also got the back of the Thinking Dress done. Okay, this worries me. I followed the directions exactly as written. It looks nothing like the chart in the book, and of course there is no photo of the back. The book does say the chart is of the front, so maybe I shouldn't worry. Hopefully it turns out okay.

Lastly, I cast on and began another Stripey Hat. No photos though.

In non-knitting news, I have a cool step-dad. Not only did he come over and help me take out my air conditioner, he also took me to lunch and then he bought me a book!


G said…
ahhh...I remember knitting. I have some other UFO's that you can finish for me if you want.

The mitten does not have a match. That is as far as I got. So you will need to knit a thumb and another mitten. Started that mitten...oh...six, seven years ago?

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