Finally...Something For Me!

Last night while I listened to the Timberwolves game, I started my new sock project. Socks for me! Yay!

I found this pattern for the Synesthesia Socks by Sarah Fama on Ravelry. So far, I love the pattern. I'm sure I'll be able to finish these up in no time. When I find a pattern I love to work on, it goes so quickly! There isn't much to see so far....

I am doing these on two circular needles, my trusty Size 1 Addi Turbos. The yarn is the Aisha Celia yarn I bought at the No-Coast Craft-o-Rama in December.

If you click on the link above, Sarah explains a little bit about Synesthesia. I read about this in the paper a few years ago and found it fascinating. Here's a nice little website that explains it as well. It's from a neuroscience for kids website. In a nutshell, synesthetes translate one sense into another...the example Sarah uses is that a person might "taste" strawberries while listening to the trumpet. It just sounds like a very unique way to experience the world.
Like I said yesterday, I went to the flower show this weekend. Here are some lovely Gerbera Daisies (my favorite flower), with some of the same colors as my soon-to-be socks...yellow, pinks, and oranges.


Genuine_Lye said…
Wow, I can't believe that no one has commented on how pretty that yarn is! It's so cool. I've never seen that synesthesia pattern before, looks like you're doing a nice job.

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