The Great Minnesota Get Together, Part 1

After work Friday, D and I headed to the Great Minnesota Get Together, also known as the MN State Fair. More people attend the MN State Fair than any other state fair in the country and there is also more food on a stick there than anywhere else in the country.

This is the scene that awaited us.

And we immediately enjoyed some food on a stick.

We spent the rest of the night looking for the "Pig Lickers" - bacon covered in dark chocolate.

While we did that, we also enjoyed Tater Tots on a Stick, shakes from the University of MN Dairy Club, cheese curds, mini-donuts, and "Big Fat Bacon" - a thick-cut slab of bacon (on a stick, of course) covered in maple syrup. MMMMM.

This year, I think we focused a bit more on rides than food. We rode on the Sky Glider across the fair grounds...
and then headed over to Ye Old's been running at the MN State Fair for 95 years and is one of the oldest "Tunnels of Love" in the country.

Here is what it looks like inside.

Yeah. It's pitch black in there. Perfect for making out.

And then it was off to my favorite...the Big Slide. No trip to the fair is complete until you've grabbed your burlap sack and enjoyed a trip down the slide.

No luck finding the Pig Lickers...although we did find the Mediterranean Lemonade (quite minty and refreshing) and the Produce Exchange with the yummiest peaches ever. All they need to do is put them on a stick and they'll be perfect.

I'll leave you with this wisdom I learned at the Fair.

I headed back to the Fair with Gretchen and the Little Guy Saturday morning. Did I find the Pig Lickers? Stay tuned!


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