Where Have I Been?

I've been told by a couple people that I need to update my blog. To those folks I say, "Dude! I work in the financial aid office at one of the largest universities in the United States and classes start in a month! And I leave for Seattle Wednesday night! I'm busy!"

I think my sister just wants me to post photos of how cute the Little Guy was shucking corn Friday night.Or show off what a nice auntie I am to help him climb up the slide.

Or maybe everyone has been waiting to see what I look like cheering on the Saint Paul Saints! I still don't know if they won this game. It went in to extra innings and D and I left. I've been so busy, I haven't even checked to see if they won.

I haven't been too busy to start on the socks for my step-mom. I needed something to work on while on the plane and driving around the Pacific Northwest, so I finally have something on the needles.
I leave right after work for Seattle. D will be bringing his laptop so I should be able to post on the road. I'll try to take fun touristy shots, perhaps of those guys that throw the fish around, and maybe D and I will re-enact some of the more dramatic moments from Real World - Seattle.

Well, maybe not.


We just missed each other! We got back from Seattle (well, actually we spent most of our time in northern Washington, but we started in Seattle!) yesterday. Enjoy your trip, and if you get a chance, I highly recommend Cultured Purls in Issaquah (just outside Seattle)--there's a link in my blog post about our visit.
Maybe you can 'bitch slap' your husband and really reenact 'Real World Seattle'--do you remember that priceless moment? How sad that I do...

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