A Lovely Day in Canada

The really interesting thing about being here is being able to watch Canadian coverage of the Olympics (or as one guy at the park said, "Have you been watching the Beijing?). Not only have we watched some coverage in French, but the Canadian station broadcasts events at different times that NBC. For instance, they broadcast the men's 4X1oo meter relay several hours before NBC did. So, we saw the Americans win, and then switched over to NBC where Bob Costas was still going on about the French talking smack about the Americans and would we be able to win? Why yes! We would! (EDIT: I think there must be a delay on the West Coast. Watching the Olympics last night at home in the Central Time Zone, things were broadcast live around 10 p.m. It was probably about 10 p.m. in Vancouver when NBC was broadcasting the men's 4X100 relay "live" and we had seen it shortly after dinner "live" on CBC).

Okay, maybe that isn't the most interesting thing. I also had the best bagel EVER at the Granville Island Public Market.

Then we bought some yummy salami, pasta salad, bread, and a blueberry tart and headed over to Stanley Park for the rest of the day.

Stanley Park is lovely. Beautiful views of the water, pretty gardens, and the weather was perfect. There was even a raccoon.

We ended the day having dinner at a restaurant along the beach, and then I dipped my toes in the water. Brrr....cold.

We head home tomorrow. It's been fun, but I'm looking forward to the plan ride to get some knitting done. :-)

Gotta run...got to watch more of "The Beijing".


Anonymous said…
You must have been watching NBC's late night replay; because, unless I was being lied to, the men's 4x100 was broadcast live on NBC in USA.

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