MN State Fair, Part II

CAUTION! Possible cute child photo overload ahead.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and was at the MN State Fair with Gretchen and the Little Guy before 8 a.m. He was excited to see "chickens! bunnies!" and G wanted him to ride the carousel.

The scene in the early hours is much different than at 6 p.m. Where are all the people?

Being there so early allowed me to fulfill a State Fair dream of mine...breakfast at the Fair at one of the breakfast-lunch diner/counters. We enjoyed a big breakfast at the Epiphany Diner. The Little Guy had been talking about pancakes for a couple days.

Not much is open at the Fair that early, but the Little Farm Hands exhibit opens at 8 a.m., so up to Machinery Hill we headed.

If you are going to the Fair with a child, you must head to the Little Farm Hands. What a great hands-on exhibit for the little kids, and full of photo-ops. The kids get little buckets and get to do several "tasks" on the farm before going to market and "buying" a prize.

The Little Guy got to "plant" some "seeds"...

and "sheer" a sheep.

The Little Guy loved it and got lots of comments on his shirt from the Nowthen Threshing Show.

Two events were not so successful. The poor little guy was terrified of the butterflies in the butterfly building and no amount of coaxing could get him on the carousel. There was $13 for those two events wasted. Such is the price of taking a 2-year old to the Fair.

The rest of the day was spent in the animal buildings. Look! Calves!

The Little Guy was so much fun at the Fair. Nearly everything he saw prompted him to shout, "Look, Mimi! Look, Mimi!" Sure, the stroller was a pain, and I might have made a bad decision about going in that butterfly building, but he was so excited about everything, it didn't really matter.

And look what I found!

Pig Lickers!

Gretchen says, "Yummy!"

They were the perfect combo of sweet and salty. They win my "Best New Fair Food Prize" and I will be adding these to my "must eat" list for next year.

Overall, we all had a good time. How can you argue with a smile like this?

Today D and I are headed to Valleyfair. We've got free tickets. Tomorrow I think we will have had enough of fairs and will head to St. Paul for a circus...a media circus, that is. We're planning to ride downtown and check out the RNC. Heh heh heh...should be interesting.


Meema said…
Take one of the free double-decker busses that are running up and down Grand Avenue! Kidlet and I rode one today - fun, except for getting flipped off by three separate (liberal!) St. Paulites on the street (who, I am assuming, mistook us for people of the R persuasion).

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