On to Vancouver...

I'll always remember Seattle as the city where I could never find a public restroom when I really needed one and where a homeless guy playing guitar on the street told D and I that our souls were dead.

Picture caption: CAUTION! Dead souls ahead!

Being as that was the case, we decided to leave.

Okay, fine. We were leaving anyway. In fact, we were in the cab on the way to get the rental car when the homeless man let us know the state of our souls. Apparently, cab drivers from Africa are good; Caucasians...not so much.

Friday morning we headed up north for the wedding of D's sister. What a beautiful wedding. It was held on a bluff at at Rosario Beach. The weather was absolutely perfect and the ceremony was touching. I don't think they could have asked for a better day.

The food was wonderful as well, and there was plenty of beer and wine to go around. In fact, since my water glass mysteriously disappeared towards the end of the evening, I was left with no choice but to drink beer. This was fine.

Saturday morning, we all met and headed up to Sauk Mountain for a hike (in the rain).

It was about 4 miles round trip up a steep mountain with 26 switchbacks. I'm sure the view was beautiful, but it was pretty cloudy at the top. The mountainside was covered in the most beautiful wildflowers. Unfortunately, my camera battery died, so I can't show you any of those. I can show you a picture of the outhouse though.

After the hike, we all felt a bit parched, so we stopped at a couple wineries. I think I like D's family!

I can't remember a vacation where I have been so tired! In a good way, of course. Today we drove to Vancouver. Oh, Canada!

We watched a bit of the Olympics in the lobby of the hotel after dinner. It was the men's 4X100 freestyle relay. The US team pulled ahead in the last few seconds and D and I cheered! Wa-hoo! And the people walking through the lobby asked hopefully, "Did the Canadians win?"

I felt really bad telling them, "No, it was the Americans...but it sure was exciting!"


Anonymous said…
Well, at least you will get to see more of Vancouver than Dick and I did on our way to Alaska. (Just a bus ride from the airport to the dock.) It is a beautiful city. You also got to see much more of Seattle. We only saw the airport.
Have fun.


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