When You Are Sick...

....people buy you flowers.

Those are flowers from D and my mom. So sweet.

My mother, God bless her, drove all the way to my place in St. Paul from New Hope last week to bring me chicken soup and cold medicine. I whined that I was too tired to walk 10 minutes to the drug store, so she drove a half-hour to my place. When she got here, she gave me all sorts of goodies, asked me what else I needed, and then headed out to the store for more.

Where would we all be without our Moms?

And D is no slacker either...he brought me dinner twice last week when I was feeling especially sickly. Boyfriends...they come in handy sometimes too.


Just KT said…
Waaah! Why doesn't my boyfriend every bring me any flowers?
Anonymous said…
Well, Mom never does that for ME when I am sick! Not fair! MOM!!!
Hope you feel better soon! Please tell me that you didn't miss the State Fair...

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