Seattle, Day 1

Ah, Seattle! After doing tequila shots at the airport, D and I had an uneventful airplane ride to the west coast. I worked a little bit on my sock, D read "Murder on the Orient Express", and before we knew it Mount Rainier was in the distance and we were touching down.

Yesterday was busy, busy, busy. Of course we went to the Pike Place Market, saw those guys throw fish around, saw that pig everyone sits on (including me), and saw lots of fruit and veggies.

Look at all the people and food.

I really wanted to see the Seattle Public Library since it inspired the Koolhaus hat, which I hope to knit one day. D and I spent some time relaxing on the 8th floor. I relived my childhood by reading old Doonsbury cartoons. Hmmm...what kind of childhood did I have?

We headed over to Pioneer Square for the Seattle Underground Tour (there is a whole section of Seattle built over the first floors of older buildings. Who knew? Oh yeah...the people of Seattle).

After that, we were both pretty tired, but we had one more event for the day planned, so we hopped on a bus and to...

A Mariner's Game! Of course we went to see a baseball game!

Safeco Field rocks. First of all, the ticket guy was one of the friendliest people ever. Second of all, it was Stitch-n-Pitch night and a knitter threw out the first pitch! They also sell these awesome Garlic French Fries there.

AND! You can get sushi and Sake there, which of course we had to do, since there is nothing even remotely that classy at the Metrodome. In fact, after being at Coors Field in May and now Safeco Field...well, let's just say I can't wait for the new Twins stadium.

And to end the day, I caught a fly ball! Woo-hoo!


Sol said…
Good Work I really like the way you recount
jaylee said…
So jealous. I want to go to Seattle! Those garlic fries look delicious.
Anonymous said…
It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Did you get the ball autographed? Enjoy talk to you when you get back.


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