Meanwhile, Back at the Farm

I headed up to Pine City with some of the family today to celebrate the birthdays of the Almond and the Walnut (my brother's pet names for his boys). Katy's mom runs a dairy farm, so Gigi, the Peanut, the Walnut, the Little Guy and I headed over there to check out the cows.
The Little Guy was too scared to go into the dairy barn, but the Peanut and the Walnut did a great job showing me around.
And explaining to all of us how you milk cows.
The Almond stayed home and looked cute.
I looked fashionable in some boots for mucking around in the muck.
Tomorrow morning we are heading to the Nowthen Threshing Show. Exciting weekend, eh? It's like a crash course in farming for this city gal.

At the moment, the little guy is outside running around buck naked and I am missing it. So, I'm off like his diaper.


Just KT said…
Man alive those kids are pretty durn cute!

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