I finished up the "Nothing But A T-Shirt" over the weekend! It fits my sister perfectly. Doesn't she look cute?

If I were to do it over, I would do the collar again (for a third time). I'm not 100% happy with the way the collar looks. I did a couple little things differently on the collar (I got the ideas from someone else's blog, but now you need a password to access that blog, so....). I picked up the stitches in the main color and then switched to the contrasting color. This helped with the "fang" problem I had before, but I had one less row of contrasting color, so the color seemed "short". Next time, I'll knit an extra row.

I also decreased 4 stitches evenly around the collar on the front and then increased again on the back. This was a suggestion from the other blog to make the collar lay flatter. This seemed to work pretty well.

I need to work on my seaming skills. Where the collar comes together seems a little wonky to me.

Other than that, the sweater turned out lovely and she seems to like it!

I liked working with the Rowan Calmer. It's incredibly soft. I would love to wear a sweater made of this! I was a little alarmed at how much the the color seeped out when I blocked it, but fortunately it didn't bleed on to the contrasting color. It also might be a little too stretchy for me.

I'm feeling pretty good about a finished object!


Anonymous said…
It looks fabulous! Good job.

Beautifully done! Mine, sadly, will never see completion--my attempt at rewriting the pattern failed. But I'm going to find a pattern written for my size and try again! :-) Hopefully I'll come up with something that looks as good as yours!

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