Nothin But Some Side Seams

Squeee! It is almost done! I just have to sew up the side seams tonight, perhaps do a little blocking, and I will have an FO. So exciting.

I worked on this last night while I listened to the scintillating MN senatorial candidate debate amongst Al Franken, Norm Coleman, and Dean Barkley. I thought it was pretty interesting. I have to say, it was nice to just listen and not have to watch their facial expressions during the debate. Made the whole thing a lot more tolerable.

I got to see the Little Guy over the weekend and he gave me a very nice birthday card, with a sticker inside. He loves stickers. I told him I wanted to wear it and I handed it to him to stick on my shirt somewhere. He promptly lifted my shirt and stuck it square on my stomach.

Because tummies are the place for stickers. Everyone knows that.


Your Nothing But a T-shirt is looking great! I...have a back done. And a front started. And way too many WIPs between me and it...
Orinda5 said…
Wow! Your T-Shirt is so impressive.

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