I Dream in Knitting

Last night, I dreamt I was knitting some wonderful socks. They were very brightly colored, a variegated yarn, soft and smooshy. The pattern appeared to be either Jaywalker or Monkey. I think the yarn was one of these. I was knitting on bamboo DPNs.

In the dream, I was actually knitting about five or six pairs of socks, but I didn't want to work on any of them. I was digging in my closet and kept finding more and more socks, until I found the ones described above and thought, "Ah...here is what I want to work on".

I think this is a sign.

The dream seems to have been inspired by two things: one would be this post from the ADD Knitter. See the Monkey Socks in the upper left corner? Very similar to my dream socks. The other would be the time I spent yesterday perusing the fibery goodness at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I took a class on sleep and dreaming in college and I firmly believe that every dream can be traced to something that happened to you that day.

Tonight I'll probably dream about this blog post.

Despite my dreams, I'm not going to run out and buy some Socks that Rock yarn because I am on a yarn buying moratorium. If someone else wants to buy me yarn, go right ahead!

I am working on two pairs of socks right now. The "Socks for Kathy", and the Socktoberfest Mystery Sock. I am done with Clue #1. I am using some KnitPicks Sock Memories in Cape Cod.

In other news:

Lunds and Byerlys have the BEST caramel apples ever.

Timberwolves season opener is tonight!


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