The Perils of Not Checking Guage

The Josephine hat is complete and isn't she cute?

Pattern: Josephine by Julia Riede available on Popknits.
Yarn: Rowan Calmer
Started: October 14, 2008
Finished: October 18, 2008
Size: I used the pattern for the infant side, but this is definitely a toddler sized hat.

Too bad she is way to large for anyone under the age of 2. That is what happens when you don't knit a gauge swatch. Usually with baby hats, I don't much care. It will fit at some point. Problem is, I don't really want to give a hat to someone who hasn't even had the baby yet and say, "Here! Here is a hat your child can wear when she is 3". I'll have to knit something else.

That's not the only problem Josephine and I had. We had quite the disagreement while I was doing the shaping on the brim. The hat insisted that I had knit where I should have purled, and even though I didn't remember this, I had to admit defeat and pull my short rows out and start over. My level of frustration at this turn of events surprised even me.
Regardless, it is a lovely hat. I had some really cute pictures of my nephew, the Almond, running around at my dad's house yesterday wearing it. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted almost ALL of my pictures from my memory card. I'm just so sad about this, because there were cute pics of the Almond and the Walnut and the Little Guy. Now they are all gone.
I've also started again on Kathy's socks and got a few rows done on that this morning while riding in my limo...err, the back of the bus.
We had a lovely weekend here in the Twin Cities. My weekend was packed with activities: geocaching, Arabic dance class, visiting with my grandpa, beer with friends, and a meeting of Team On Tap to discuss our trip to Ireland, March 12 - 23.
The highlight, however, was when a random sheep wandered past my dad's backyard. Sure, at one time...maybe 100 years dad's house was in the country, surrounded by farms. That hasn't been the case for quite some time. We aren't sure where the sheep came from, but he disappeared between two homes and down a hill. Hopefully Little Bo Peep finds him.


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