Well, That's Fetching!

I'm sitting at my desk and I can hear the TV out in the lobby. Talking heads are discussing the presidential debate last night. I wonder how many times they will mention Joe the Plumber.

Wow! Look at this! You can already order Joe the Plumber t-shirts.

While I listened to the debate (I simply cannot stand to watch the debate...the glaring, snide smiles, and head shaking irk me), I finished up this:
Pattern: Fetching by by Cheryl Niamath from Knitty Summer '06.
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Manos Silk Blend, less than one skein!
Started: October 10th
Finished: October 15th

Sorry I don't have a picture of both. It's really hard to take pictures of your own hands.
I loved this pattern. Easy, quick, and I've still got an entire skein and then some of this yarn left, so I plan to make a cowl to go along with the fingerless mitts! I'll try to work on that over the weekend.
After work yesterday, D and I headed over to Brasa, a little rotisserie in Northeast Minneapolis I have been wanting to try. If you eat meat and live in the Twin Cities, get yourself over there. It's way better than those chickens you pick up at the supermarket.
I had the roasted pork plate. I got a mound of pulled pork that was juicy and flavorful. For my two sides I had the creamed spinach with jalapenos and the "special side" which was black eyed peas with bacon and cornbread. The black-eyed peas were creamy and had just enough small chunks of thick cut bacon mixed in. Nestled in the middle was a slice of corn bread. And the spinach...best I've ever had. The jalapenos gave it just a little kick.
D had the combination plate (chicken and pork) with a side of cornbread and honey butter, the spinach, and cheese grits. The corn bread was moist and sweet and the cheese grits were comfort in a bowl. Are you hungry yet?
We washed it all down with some Mexican Coke. If you've never picked up one of the big bottles of Coke from the Mexican aisle at the grocery store, do so. There is just something different about it.
After that, all I could really do was sit on the couch and knit, watch the end of Knight Rider, and listen to the debate. A successful Wednesday night.
EDIT: So, you see how after the picture my blog post is all one big paragraph? This is NOT how I formatted this. There were spaces between my paragraphs, and when I publish the post, the spaces disappear. I've edited about 5 times, putting the spaces back in, only to publish and have them disappear. Anyone know why this happens? How I can prevent it? It is the number 1 reason I am thinking of switching to WordPress or some other blog service. I find this so irritating.


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