Houston Stole Our Breakfast

As we waited for our flight out of Minneapolis this morning, the gate attendant informed us that the breakfasts for our flight had been stolen by the Houston flight. I was just stunned that they were actually planning on feeding us at all. She informed us they would serve a snack - potato chips or pretzels, so if any of us were on a low sodium diet, we should go find a banana somewhere.

And so day one of the trip began. We are now sitting in the Newark Airport waiting for our flight to Dublin. We spent the day in New York City with my friend Lori, and what a day it was. I think we covered most of lower Manhattan either on subway or foot. We are all quite tired and looking forward to a nice nap while we cross the Atlantic Ocean.

We wandered around the south seaport, Wall Street, Times Square, Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza - many of the touristy things people like to do. Like a good tourist, I took a picture of the garbage barge. Look! Garbage! On a boat!

It was a beautiful day in New York. Alan and Erin enjoyed a hotdog and pretzel while Lori, David, and I rode on the carousel.

Tomorrow morning, we will arrive in Dublin. Right now, I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bed.

Here's a picture of Lori, me, and David after the garbage barge had passed. I think the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful. When David saw it he said, "Look! There's a great big bridge over there!"


MNAndrew said…
Looks the trip is off to a good start. I hope you guys all have a great trip.

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