A Real Woman Drinks a Real Pint – Thursday in Ireland

The title of my blog comes from the “ladies pint”, which is a half-pint of beer. When the rest of the gang came back from Kinsale, we headed to Larkin's for food and Guinness, and there was some conversation with our waitress about the “ladies pint”. My comment was that a real woman drinks a real pint. Cheers!

It sounds like the gang had a great time in Kinsale and enjoyed their lunch at Fishy Fishy. From what I heard, I would recommend eating there if you happen to find yourself in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.

David and I thoroughly enjoyed our day of doing nothing, although we did quite a bit.

After lazing about for most of the morning, we wandered about the town, which doesn't take too long.
We checked out the Marina (you can see Lough Derg in the background)...
the remains of Castle ...
and then headed down the forest walk, which had nice views of the lake.
The flowers are in bloom in Ireland.
We headed back to the cottage for some lunch, and then drove around Lough Derg towards Ballina and Killaloe. We were looking for some geocaches, but didn't have much luck there. We did find this old graveyard/churchyard...
which won the Best Burial Ground award several years in a row.
The cows seemed to agree with that assessment.
We continued around the lake and stopped at a carpark with an amazing view.
We could see the church yard and cows we had just been at from up there.
Then we headed off to Ballina/Killaloe. The River Shannon runs between these two towns.
The main attraction is the Killaloe Cathedral. Their graveyard will not be winning any awards, but it was a lovely church, dating from the early 1300s.
I just thought this picture was kind of cool.
Then we headed off to the internet cafe, which was overrun with highschool kids. Got to update the blog though, and chatted with one of my co-workers on Facebook. I love technology.
By that time, it was after 6 so we stopped at the grocery store for provisions (wine) and waited for the rest of the gang. Then we were off to Larkin's Pub, conveniently located next door, for food and Guinness. Perfect way to end the day.
In Larkin's, you'll find two portraits of JFK, this being one of them. Jesus and JFK.
There were also some drawings of St. Patrick obviously done by local children. Local children. In a pub. What is up with all the kids in pubs here?
The other strange thing I've noticed is people out for a walk along very busy highways, just walking along what little shoulder there is, sometimes with dogs, sometimes with babies. It doesn't seem very safe to me.

And, we have seen the stereotypical postcard shot...older man walking along in his tweed jacket and cap, cane in one hand, firewood in the other.

Ireland is great!

And in case you are wondering, lough means lake. So, we are staying on Derg Lake, but I think Lough Derg sounds a lot better.


tandemingtroll said…
Beautiful pictures! I agree that real ladies drink pints. I had someone in Scotland tell me that it wasn't ladylike to drink a whole pint of beer. I asked him what the difference was between drinking a whole pint or two half pints? I guess it is just an issue of appearances. I am glad you are having fun!

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