Our Last Day in Ireland – Sunday

We started the day off with a traditional Irish breakfast. I'd been looking forward to this all week! We started off with cereal for most of us, but Noreen made porridge with strawberries and cream for Amit and Lea.

Next up was toast, bangers, rashers, black pudding, tomato, mushrooms, and egg. The mushrooms were so good. I'll, have to e-mail Noreen and ask her how she prepared them.

The consensus was that people wanted to go shopping, we we headed back to the Ring of Kerry to check out Killarney, and to drive to the tip so we could see the Skelling Islands.

We wandered around Adare on the way. Nothing was open, but it sure is a cute town...

with thatched roof cottages...

a GIANT ice cream cones.

Again, we got so lucky with the weather. Look at that sunshine over Dingle Bay!

We drove over to Valencia Island, where it turned out there were a lot of sheep...

and a nice trail up to a point where there was a nice view of the Skelling Islands.

There was also a geocache up there.

I was too chicken to walk right up to the cache. I left that to David, and as he walked I told him no less than 32 times, “Be careful. Be careful. Be careful”. Uh, yeah. He was a little annoyed with me. It was bound to happen at some point.

Here is a view looking back over Valencia Island and Portmagee on the Skelling Ring.

And a self portrait with sheep!

We then headed to Killarney. In February, David and I found a geocache travel bug that had a goal to visit as many state and national parks around the world as possible. While the rest of the gang shopped, David and I took the opportunity to find a cache that was just inside Killarney National Park and not far from the city center.

Someone from Green Bay had been there...

We left Pooh safely in the cache. I hope his travels continue!

The park was lovely!

The park was lovely, and then David and I had a few minutes to do our own shopping. He got a really cool rugby jersey for the Ireland national team - to celebrate the victory and all.

The it was back to Adare for dinner. We ate at Collin's Pub.

The last Guinness of the trip was consumed here, as well as some fish and chips with mushy peas. YUM!

Sadly, it was getting late by the time we left the pub so it was back to the B&B. Flights were early Monday for all of us. It would be hard to say good bye to Ireland.


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