Whiskey and Wool

That is about the extent of my souvenir purchases while in Ireland.

The whiskey is from the old Jameson distillery in Middleton, County Cork, Ireland. It's aged 12 years and can only be purchased at the distillery. I plan to share this with family as I make the rounds sharing the pictures from my trip.

The yarn is Aran Wool from the Kerry Woolen Mills. Each skein has 200g, and I believe the color is called "Blue Fleck". I bought this at
Spin a Yarn in Kenmare, County Kerry, Ireland. Here is what they had to say about it on their website: "
traditional bainĂ­n spun in Kerry’s very own woollen mills, which have been in production in the same place and in the same family for over 300 years. How’s that for continuity? When you buy a skein of Kerry Woollen Mills yarn, run it through your fingers, cast on for that special project, you’re playing your part in history."

Remember when I said Vinnie taught us a song about a prison ship? Actually, the prison ship was only one part of the song, and judging by how upset he was when that was all we remembered about the song, not a very important part either. The song is called the
Fields of Athenry, and you can read more about it and see the lyrics here.

The song is set during the great famine and is about love lost, or at least shipped off to Australia.


Anonymous said…
mmmmm, Irish whiskey.

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