Drawing for the Roseville String Ensemble

Orinda5 and I went to high school together, where in addition to being on the yearbook staff (and tormenting the newspaper staff), we were also in the orchestra together. Yes, we were Orch Dorks.

While I have not touched my violin since my highschool days, Orinda5 continues to play her viola. She was far more talented than I was. I pretty much stayed in orchestra that last year so I could eat lunch with my friends.

Orinda5 now plays with the Roseville String Ensemble, and she writes, I think quite movingly, about how important this group is to her and also why she is so glad she is still playing (how can you not be touched when she talks about her son?).

Well, the economy is kind of bad (what?!), and the ensemble finds themselves in a funding pickle. That is where you all come in!

She is having a drawing with some fabulous prizes to bring awareness to their financial need! You can make a donation if you wish, but the drawing is free. When I saw the Malabrigo, I swooned.

So, please head over to her blog and check it out. Conveniently, you can click on Orinda5 anywhere in this post and get there!


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