Finally, an FO!

Last night, I skipped my Arabic Dance Class so I could spend some quality time with my cat and my yarn. Due to a surprise dinner date (yay!), I didn't get quite as much done as I thought I would. But, I did manage to finish up the Frog Hat. I call it that not because it looks like a frog but because it is going to go with the Frog Pacifier Clip I am making.

Here's the finished object:

Pattern: Simple Baby Hat 1 and Marley Topper from Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn Used: Rowan Handknit Cotton #219 Gooseberry, # 309 Celery, and #316 Slippery
Started: February 24th while sitting at Starbucks on Nicollet Mall before the Timberwolves game
Finished: February 29th in my cube, while eating Girl Scout Cookies

I had a question on Ravelry from someone asking me how I got my squiggles on top so curly and how I attached them. The directions for attachment seem a bit vague to me, so I just improvised. Here's a little step-by-step of my process.

Here are all the squiggles, completed and waiting to be attached.

First of all, I straighten it out, so it looks like a long line with the squiggles hanging down.

Then I take the first squiggle and make a circle of it.

And then attach that circle to the hat.

I repeat with the other two squiggles. The last squiggle, I make the circle tighter, since it will be on top.

I believe the instructions are to sew the squiggles together, making a large pom, and then attach them all at once. I prefer to attach them one at a time. Works for me.

As far as getting them curly: you really have to cast-on and bind-off the stitches very tightly. VERY tightly. It actually made my hands hurt last night, but I think they turned out great.

I'm so excited to have this done and I think it's so cute. That's the great thing about baby hats...they knit up quick and almost always look cute. Just like babies. The cute part, not the quick knitting part.


Anonymous said…
Squee! I LOVE that!!! As I heard someone say the other day...its so sweet it makes my teeth hurt!
Ms. P said…
REALLY cute hat!! Love it!

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