Next On the Needles...

...will be this:
It's the Lace Edged Women's Hat by Julie Hentz. You can get the pattern for free from Ravelry, or just click on the link above and that will take you to I believe this was originally designed as a Chemo Cap, but many people on Ravelry have just made it as a regular hat. I'll be making this as the hat for my friend Heather, using that lovely green Frog Tree yarn from a couple posts ago.

I wish I had known how to knit years ago when my Aunt Bobbie had lung cancer. I could have knit her some caps. I think she would have liked that. At that time, I was in to painting flower pots with my nieces and nephews (there were only a couple of them back then...nieces and nephews...not pots), so she got one of those. I still miss her. She was a knitter too, and it would have been fun to get together with her and my mom and knit and chat.

The ride home on the bus last night was pretty interesting. There was a drunk lady mumbling to herself in back...but more disturbing than that was the attitude of the guy next to me towards her. He seemed nice enough, just came from a hockey game, chatted with the driver. When the drunk lady got on the bus, she asked where he'd been playing hockey, and for some reason, he seemed to take great offense to this. He started complaining to the driver about her, in the most offensive and rude way. I was actually pretty shocked.

Well, he got off, and another guy got on and he and the bus driver had a long, involved conversation about the caucuses, Kazakhstan, rackateering, and Bill Clinton. Actually, the bus driver listened. The other guy had a long, involved conversation.

Blogger is now available in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew. Perhaps that explains why it the spell checker is no longer working for me.


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