I'm a Waffle...No, I'm Toast...Wait, I'm a Waffle

Ah, toddlers. Aren't they cute?

As an adult, if I were to run around the basement, screaming and flinging my arms around over my head, people would look at me askance. But when Nathan did it, it was the funniest thing ever. I actually slid off the couch, I was laughing so hard.

Not only are toddlers entertaining, they are easily entertained. What 19-month old wouldn't be fascinated to see an adult pretend to be a toaster waffle?

"I'm a waffle! Here I go in the toaster (as I slowly lower myself behind the table)! Ooooh...it's hot! I'm getting toasty! I'm almost done! POP (and I spring up)!" Smiles and laughter and requests for "more! more!"

Even more fascinating was my toast impression. Much the same, only at the end I got to butter myself. FUN!

If only the college students I work with were so easily entertained. "Hey...look at me! I'm your MN State Grant, slowly shrinking (as I curl up on myself) because you aren't registered full-time! What's that? You added credits? POP! I'm full-size again!"

Nope. I don't think that will work.


GIG said…
haha...I think it would be great if you used that kind of visual imagery with the students today!
Lana said…
I'm a (graduate) student, and I think that would definitely be entertaining!

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