My First Etsy Purchase

I occasionally roam around on Etsy. For those of you unfamiliar, it's "your place to buy and sell all things handmade". There are certain vendors I check out every now and again that tempt me to empty my change jar or wish my couch cushions would yield twenty dollar bills rather than cat hair and pennies. Those would be vendors like Bijoujuju or The Spectacled Sparrow. I've mentioned Fiery Lion before (she's having a sale!) and Aisha Celia.

Sometimes I like to check out the Showcase pages, refreshed daily to feature different artists. That's where I found this:

Lovely, no? I bought this and sent it off in the mail to my friend Sara who lives in Scranton (no, she doesn't watch The Office). It's from tzaddishop. I could not have been happier with it when it arrived. It was just beautiful. I've been waiting for Sara to get it before I showed it off. I think she liked it because she sent me a picture message via cell-phone and she looked happy (and it looked great on her).

So, that's it. My first Etsy purchase. I am sure there will be more.


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