In Lieu of My Own Knitting

Since I've been doing very little of my own knitting lately, I thought I'd alert you all to knitting other people are doing!

Before you do anything else today, check out the Teeny Project Runway, from our friends over at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I suggest you read the full entry to see what this is all about, but if you are impatient, about half-way down the page it says, "Let's start the show right now!" and that will take you to flickr where you can see all the different projects.

I really like the Bride in Sheeps Clothing (she's wearing wrist warmers and stands in front of a chuppah!), Mr. Beaver with his jaunty bag (plus, it's really a beaver...albeit a taxidermied beaver, but a real beaver the tail warmer, too!), and Harriet the Hippo, because she looks like she's headed someplace I'd like to go.

My absolute favorites though have to be Kermit's Knitted Goods and Giuseppina, Kermit's Sister. Kudos to tantesophie for knitting an entrelac sweater for a stuffed frog.


Anonymous said…
Five finalists have been posted. Check it out.


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