Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh My, Part 2

Yesterday, I linked to this video of a woman falling off a grape-stomping platform. Yes, I laughed. In fact, I watched it three times and each time I laughed harder. First, it was the slo-mo version at the end that cracked me up. Then, I laughed when they cut back to the anchors in the studio. You can tell at one point the woman is trying not to laugh. And finally, I just laughed at the poor falling woman herself.

I don't mean to go on and on about this poor woman, but I have been there! If you read the YouTube comments, someone says how this woman had the wind knocked out of her. I have had the wind knocked out of me too...and it's scary. Allow me to share.

Back in the 7th grade, my twin sister, Gretchen, and I went to a party at our friend Heather's house. At some point, all us girls bounded downstairs, probably to prank call boys or watch Friday Night Videos. At some point, my foot slipped, I flew up in the air, landed hard on my back, and slid to the floor below.

I immediately started flailing my arms and legs, while wailing and moaning - just like the woman in the video. I'm not kidding. I sounded just like her, and my sister confirmed this for me last night. "Yup," she said, "You did sound like that".

At the time, as I lay there in agony, I thought I had broken my back.* The whole experience was pretty traumatic. Not only did it hurt, but I also looked like a complete idiot in front of a half-dozen pre-teen girls. This may explain my low social standing in junior high.

Well, karma has already stepped in to kick me around a little this morning in return for my taking such glee at that poor woman's plight. This morning, I put on a very cute skirt, with some very cute boots. Cute cute cute! It was going to be a great day! First thing I do when I get to work - Rip the tights.

So, I flipped them around so the hole is in the back.

15 minutes later - ripped the other side. ARGH!
*The fact that I was flailing to such an extent should have clued me in that this was not possible, but I was 12 and my brain was not yet capable of the higher reasoning needed to make that connection.

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