Tales From the Bus

Afterall, this is "Knitting In Transit", right? And my posts lately (okay, since the beginning) have been woefully short on the "transit" piece of my title.

I ride the bus nearly everyday, and quite frankly, nothing very exciting has been happening. I rarely ride a route known for having "colorful characters". That would be the 16 or maybe the 21. As such, I just don't have much to say.

So, I'm really scraping the barrel to come up with something here.

Monday I was waiting downtown for the bus to take me to Plymouth where Gretchen would meet me for a fun evening with her family. Right away, a guy waiting for the bus started talking to me. And right away, I knew: Busstop Guy was going to hit on me.

It's not that I think I'm so attractive or so witty and charming. I was bundled up so much all you could see were my eyes, and our conversation consisted of scintillating topics such as the cold, bus routes, more about the cold, and more about the bus. But, I just knew.

And sure enough, after about 5 minutes of chit-chat he says, "So, Michelle...you should let me call you sometime."

"No, no...I don't think that's a good idea." Yup...that's what I said. Gretchen thought this was very blunt, but what was I going to say? Yes, and then give him a fake number? Or maybe, "I'd love that, but this thing I keep pulling out of my pocket to check the time is really a fancy time-telling taser that I will use on you if you don't step out of the bus shelter now?"

Well, Busstop Guy was very persistent. And it was cold and there was nowhere for me to go.

I tried the old, "I don't think my boyfriend would like that" line. He responded, "He doesn't have to know. We can just be friends." Yeah. Right. He actually tried that line several times. I just kept saying, "No...no I don't want you to call me. No...no I don't want to call you". There are only so many ways to say no.

Finally Busstop Guy told me, "Well, you don't know what you're missing."

Well, actually...I think I do know what I'd be missing, and I'm quite content to continue missing it. But thanks for the offer.


gig said…
You must have great eyes!

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