Oh My

Maybe it's because I've been pretty grumpy the last few days. Maybe I'm just mean. But this made me laugh almost as hard as I did Saturday night when my sister was imitating my voice mail messages. Okay. Harder actually. I scared the lone co-worker that was still here.

When Grape Stomping Goes Horribly Wrong

This is actually going to take you to dooce, one of my favorite websites. Read her commentary...that's how I feel about this. It's mean to laugh at that poor woman, but it sure did cheer me up!

And just in case you think I am heartless and cruel, here's a link to a cute little Valentine's Day Piggy.

Mmmm. Bacon.


GiGi said…
oh...I laughed so hard too!
Sara B said…
You are mean, but I have to admit I giggled a bit at the scary slo-mo voice.

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