Happy Friday!

Well, I took a picture of the collar of the Ribby Cardi this morning (even though I don't like how it looks), but I forgot the cord to connect the camera to my computer. I wanted to be able to post some knitting-related photo today!

As a consolation, here is a picture of Nathan wearing the sweater I knit him before he was born. Gretchen doesn't want the little guy's picture posted publicly, so I've cropped his cute face out. But, you still get to see the sweater!

I may have to make another one of these. The pattern is from Roo Designs, and she's got more cute patterns. I might have to make the tractor sweater for my nephew, Micah. He loves tractors and farms and trucks. He's all boy! Her patterns go up to 4 years, so if I want to make it for him, I should get cracking.

I think the Rhino is also super-cute! And the fish! If you are thinking of trying your hand at intarsia, I think these little sweaters are a good place to start.

Okay, so while I'm going on about things I like and encouraging people to buy, I also love these Monster Needles from Yarn Rescue. She also makes Monster Crochet Hooks and hand-spun yarn. That yarn looks good enough to eat. I have a pair of monster needles...well, my niece Emily has them at the moment, which is fine. Think about it...if you were eight, would you rather learn to knit with these:

or these:

Yeah. I thought so.


Just KT said…
Micah would love that, but you better knit fast. He is in a four now!

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