And the Winner Was...

Chocolate Cream Pie!

It's a good thing too. First of all, everyone at the Saturday night dinner shindig voted for Chocolate Cream and second of all, that Banana Cream Pie recipe I had? Not so much. It's actually a COCONUT Cream pie recipe. If I've learned anything in life it's that people have very strong feelings about coconut. They love it...or hate it. Little in between.

I forgot to get a chocolate bar to make little curlies for the top, so I substituted some crushed up chocolate cookie. Yum!

It was a fun gathering, and it ended as all good gatherings in one room playing video games...women in another playing cards.

The rest of my weekend was devoted to sheer laziness. You would think I'd have gotten more knitting done. Here is what I did manage to accomplish:

Look! Finished sleeves. Ooh....they are a little long. I may just roll them up. OR, I could be DARING...thread a some cutting....and bind off at a more appropriate length. Yeah, I know the picture is sideways.

And, look at my fronts. To the untrained eye, they may not look any different, but if you look closely you'll see some lovely zipper bands. Again, sorry about the sideways picture.

And, while I watched the Packers lose to the Giants (so sad), I got started on this baby blanket.

More about this project later, and a few other stories about the weekend.
It's the first day of classes here at the U of M...which means I start my class tonight - Arabic Dancing. Otherwise known as Belly Dancing!


Just KT said…
My sister has that same card game. It is maddening but lots of fun.
Anonymous said…
Oh! Can't wait to hear more about that baby blanket.

Congrats on your progress.

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