Not Quite What I Had In Mind

Well, it looks like the Friday Harbor Socks will be frogged once again. I finished them up through one pattern repeat last night and tried them on. This is a horrible picture. I have bad lighting.

First of all, they are really tight. I'm using size 2 needles. Please don't tell me to knit a gauge swatch next time. Usually with socks I just get started...everything else I do check my gauge! I swear!

Second of all...well, maybe I just don't like socks with lots of yarn-overs. Now, maybe it's because these are tight so the YOs are stretched a lot, but I don't like all those holes. When I did the socks for my sock savior pal, I started several patterns with YOs and abandoned them all. Maybe because I live in MN I think socks with holes are silly. For some reason, the Monkey Socks I knit and received, the YOs did not bother me. Who knows? It's not really the YOs in the leg that bother me, but in the cuff I thought they looked bad.

I think size three needles will be perfect, which means I'll get to use my Sox Stix! I'll try them out on those and see. If I still don't like them, I'll move on to something else.

I was a little bummed last night because I was hoping to take these with me this weekend to Indiana and get a lot done. Instead, I cast on for the back of the Ribby Cardi and will work on that.

I should be able to get a lot done. I fly to Indiana via Chicago tomorrow, then Gretchen, Nathan, and I will spend Saturday and Sunday driving home. And then Gretchen, baby Nathan, and hubby Matt will be in Minnesota for good. About time, I say!

Zoey the Cat cracks me up sometimes. She just LOVES to sit on my lap. This is so funny, because I have known her for years, and she always stayed far away from me. Now, she can't get enough.

I think she liked the music I was listening to last night, because she sat on top of my radio for quite some time.

No, she did not leap off in to the Christmas tree.


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