Uh oh. Zoey the Cat and I had our first yarn misunderstanding last night. It was not good. I just want to stress that she is a-okay though!

Here she is earlier in the evening, hanging out on my sleeves. Why yes...that is my Christmas Tree you still see up in the background!

A bit later, I sat down to actually start working on those sleeves. Now, if I am sitting on the couch, Zoey wants to be on my lap. It does take her some time to get comfortable. She'll nip at my knitting needles, walk back and forth across my lap, knead my stomach, and maybe even grab the yarn a bit. Eventually, she settles down and we are both knitting, her just sitting. This has never been a problem.

Until last night.

The sleeves have gotten long, so it's been a little more frustrating trying to knit when she's doing her little dance on my lap. She also seemed particularly taken with the strands of yarn last night and kept grabbing and biting it. No problem. I knew she'd settle down on my lap eventually. one point, she stepped on the sleeve and all my stitches slid off. Not a problem...I'm pretty experienced and I can deal with that. However, when a cat is still yanking on your yarn with her little cat teeth...well...aaargh.

So, I stood up, and here is where the trouble began (I guess it really began when she yanked the stitches off the needle). Usually when I stand up she jumps off my lap, but last night her little paw got caught in the yarn and she fell. :-( Poor Zoey. I grabbed the yarn, visions of my sleeve unraveling in my head, and it wrapped tighter around her leg, which scared her. She let out a horrible "MEOW!" and started running down the hall. Since I was holding the yarn, she only got so far before she was stopped, kind of like she was on a leash. She rolled over in the hallway and let out a little, scared, pained noise before she hissed at me and then darted under the bed.

I felt horrible. She wasn't hurt at all...just startled and scared. I sat on the floor trying to tell her it was okay and she could come out, but she'd have none of that. I gave her some treats, but, alas...she never came out of the bedroom the rest of the night. She curled up on my bed and didn't move.

She was still there this morning. Doesn't she look cute?


Mom said…
Poor Zoey. I guess she needs to learn a little yarn manners. She does look cozy on your bed.

castingaway said…
Oh, no fun! Well, I'm glad to see that you both recovered fine. Its a struggle balancing cats and yarn in one household, but well worth it!

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