I Am Not Coordinated

I had my first Arabic Dance class last night...more popularly known as Belly Dancing. How did it go? Well...I look like a total dork. I felt completely clumsy, uncoordinated, and silly. So yeah, it went pretty well.

Now I need to go out and buy some finger cymbals and a hip scarf. Perhaps with the correct accoutrements I will not feel so dorky.

Poor Zoey the Cat has been somewhat neglected as of late. I was gone most of this past weekend, and I'll be gone this coming weekend as well. With my class two nights a week, she seems a wee bit lonely. Sigh. I guess that's why I didn't make her get out of my basket of clean laundry the other day. You can see here here peeking out.

If Zoey is neglected, that means my knitting is being neglected as well. I've made no progress on either the Ribby Cardi or the Baby Blanket. I think I will take the Baby Blanket to the cabin this weekend, as the pattern is very easy and I will be able to work on it and visit at the same time.

The pattern is one from one of those pamphlet type books you can buy. A friend of my sister made this blanket for Nathan when he was born and I really liked it.

I am making this blanket out of...acrylic. For you non-knitters reading this, you should know that serious knitters can really get in a dither about acrylic yarn. I read some pretty heated discussion on Ravelry about acrylics versus natural fibers. I do prefer natural fibers (cotton, wool, bamboo, soy, what have you), and I do feel slightly guilty using this. Why? Well, acrylic yarn is made from PETROLEUM. Yup. I'll be wrapping someone's baby in our dependence on foreign oil.

But it will only cost me $5. Total. For the whole blanket. So there.

So, yes...I am using this acrylic yarn, and it's soft and squishy and feels nice. And, I feel sort of bad about it. I'm torn.

Did I mention it's flammable?*

I am also thinking of making another one in Green Apple Shine Worsted Weight or maybe Grass from Knit Picks. It won't cost $5, but it will still be inexpensive, and I won't feel guilty about it.
* Acrylic yarn in general is flammable, not just the stuff I bought.**
**I would like to state that my lovely Grandmother knit all the children in our family many lovely things, all from acrylic yarn, and not a single one of us ever caught fire.


castingaway said…
Hey! Don't sweat it. Look the disclaimers!
castingaway said…
shoot! I meant "love the disclaimers." Hate when I hit "publish" too fast. Ugh!
Anonymous said…
Acrylic is not ALL bad.....easy to wash baby "output" out of acrylic items.....

Love your blog Michelle.....always fun to read!

Elsabeth said…
Belly dancing is awesome! You're taking it with Cassandra at the U? I took it last fall.

I'm glad you've never caught fire. You can never be too cautious about acrylic, though... :)

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