Happy Monday!

Look at the cool things that happen where I work! Okay, granted I do not work in this lab, but I do feel proud when I see some of the things happening here at the U of M! Go Gophers!

The sleeves of the Ribby Cardi are coming along nicely. Honestly, I find sleeve knitting only slightly more tolerable than finishing (if I wanted to sew, I would!). Oh well. It's got to get done. Gotta keep the arms warm.

My weekend was great. I had a wonderful time shopping with Gretchen and Nathan on Saturday morning. Nathan is so cute! Together we read, "Where's the Poop?" and it was funny to hear him say "Poooo....Poooo". Aw! Scatological cuteness!

That night, it was off to Zelo for a delicious dinner of Sea Bass and Ahi Tuna Spring Rolls, and then over to the State Theatre for Avenue Q. It was fun to go on a big date. :-)


jenn said…
you were supposed to take me. :(

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