My View This Weekend

That's my nephew Nathan, reading one of his Little People books this weekend. As most of you know, I flew to Indiana on Friday and then spent Saturday and Sunday driving back to Minnesota with my sister Gretchen and her little boy. Her husband drove straight through on Saturday. Now they are in Minnesota for good. No more Hoosiers in this family!

Yes, the book is the same size as Nathan. He was so good in the car. He loved to dance to the music, read his books, and play with stickers. We had a lot of fun.

I got really lucky with my flights. I was at the airport early enough to get on an earlier flight to O'Hare, and then at O'Hare early enough to get on an earlier flight to Indianapolis. Yay! I arrived about an hour earlier than expected. The early Michelle gets the flight, I guess.

Ah...O'Hare airport. So lovely. Especially the "C" concourse.

Indianapolis? Not so much. Does anyone actually buy Proactiv at the airport?

What they did have in Indy that was smart was a check-point mailer. Did you forget you can't take your Rachel Ray 7" Gusto-Grip knife on the plane with you? Well, they have a little station where you can mail it back home. So smart! I would have taken a picture, but a gentleman was using it.

Of course, I'll have more to post later about the weekend, knitting, and Zoey the Cat.


jenn said…
I always buy my facial cleansers at the airport.

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