Chippewa Falls, Here I Come!

I'm heading to Chippewa Falls this weekend to relax with friends and hopefully tour the Lienenkugel Brewery. I'm bringing the Petroleum Blanket (that's what I've decided to call it for now...tongue in cheek), and hopefully will have some progress to show. I haven't touched it since Sunday night.

Zoey the Cat will spend another weekend alone, but I know she will be okay. I've left plenty of food and water, some lights on, the door to my closet open since she likes to sit in there, and as an added bonus...I left two pairs of jeans laying out. One on the bed, one on the couch. She likes the texture of jeans. I also left my sleeves for the Ribby Cardi on the coffee table since she likes to sit on those. They'll need a good lint-rollering when the sweater is done!

A fun little story for the day. Recently I got a friend request on Facebook from someone with my last name that lives in Texas. For those of you who know me, you know my last name is quite unusual in the United States, although apparently in the Netherlands it is their version of Johnson. dad's cousin (?) Harry has been doing a lot of genealogy research on our family. A LOT. He was able to confirm that me and this guy in Texas have the same Great-Great-Great Grandfather. Cool, huh? We're cousins!


GiGI said…
have a fun weekend!
castingaway said…
So sweet all the little things you are doing for Zoey!

Hope you had a great weekend! You do some of the most interesting things!

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