It is so cold here in Minnesota. Where did summer go? She cruelly poked her head in over the weekend, and then disappeared. I've heard she's been seen in other parts of the country and there is no estimate on when she will head back up north.

This past weekend was beautiful! We had some bad storms Saturday night, but both Saturday and Sunday were just perfect otherwise. I got to go to the Farmer's Market in Minneapolis, stroll around Lake Harriet, enjoy dinner with friends, and lounge leisurely in my sister's back yard. I can't think of when I've had a more perfect weekend.

I think Lake Harriet is my favorite lake in the cities. It didn't feel as much of a meat-market as Lake Calhoun and you can still get huge ice cream cones near the bandshell.
It is also close to the Lyndale Park Gardens, which includes a Peace Garden. While there, you can fold your own paper Peace Crane.

In the middle of the park is this statue. If you look closely, you can tell that each tier is actually a step in folding a crane.

Around the statue are instructions.

I ripped an ATM receipt in half and D and I folded some rather sad looking cranes.

Well, I folded a sad looking crane. D's actually looked pretty good.

I also promised I would let you all know the results of the vacation presentations. Costa Rica or Ireland? The winner was Ireland in the spring. That gives me plenty of time to check out the Irish knitter groups on Ravelry and figure out where I can find wool while we are there!


Oh, that Bandshell! And I agree, Lake Calhoun IS a meat market!!

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